The ultimate objective of any Lee, Danner & Bass investment strategy is to maximize the return on our clients’ investments. Inherent in maximizing returns is the need to effectively manage market risk through the quality of asset allocation in stocks, bonds and money market equivalents.  We are long-term investors, not short-term traders.  In recent years there has been an increased emphasis placed by some on short-term performance. Unfortunately, this has caused managers to pursue a more trading-oriented approach that, in the final analysis, impedes client objectives that we believe can best be achieved by long-term investment strategies.

How We Achieve It

Lee, Danner & Bass, Inc. utilizes individual equity and debt positions to customize a diversified portfolio of securities that correspond to the specific objectives of each client. In our view, it does not make sense for large investment relationships to utilize mutual funds that can have an extra layer of fees from investment advisors, as well as the underlying fund manager. Top-down investment analysis is combined with bottom-up company analysis to identify attractive investments, and we are also very cognizant of economic and political influences on the financial market and certain investment sectors.